Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rani Rudrama’s 15 minutes of fame

Politician in the making!
TRS never misses a chance to incite the most base instincts among people for its political aggrandizement. The party news channel anchor cannot be expected not to have learnt a thing or two from her bosses in this department.

The speech made by T News anchor Rani Rudrama Reddy at the TV Nandi Awards for 2009-10 function, was of course pre-planned and in true fashion of the separatists, intended to maximize the political returns for TRS. The speech was meant for frontbenchers and contains every element of false patriotism, the eternal resort of scoundrels.

The cheap rhetoric couched in pretentious protestations is not very different from the regular vomit. Out of 130 artists and technicians being awarded for their contribution to television that evening in Mahabubnagar, the Nandi award winner for 2009 said – without any statistical evidence of course – not even 30 would have been from Telangana.

The intended conclusion is obvious. Without dignifying such uncouth argument, one can  simply ask Rani Radrama Reddy to count the number of MLAs in her party who are Velama or Reddy. Or the number of MLAs from Telangana in all parties who belong just to one dominant community.

No one needs to learn from the shallow profundity of a news anchor, who of course believes that she was being anointed in the process to the golden pages of the holy book of Telangana struggle as propounded and capsuled by her party. It is the irony of our times that an anchor of a tv channel that so patently gives one-sided news can really talk about regional discrimination.

She probably thought she had become overnight – with that one ‘political speech’ -  an Indian female version of Michael Moore. I am sure we will be treated to – in days to come – to many such references in articles in Namaste Telangana eulogizing her ‘heroic’ effort.

Cinematography Minister D K Aruna gave a fitting reply to the bamboozle of our ‘wannabe tv celebrity’. Aruna was bang on when she pointed out that creative artistes should get their due for their talent, not for their region etc.

KCR’s  stature will not allow him, but given an opportunity to score political brownie points, he can be expected to demand to know from the venerated Nobel Committee of Sweden as to why not a single Telangana scientist or writer failed to make to their list till date!

Something is surely  rotten in the state of Andhra Pradesh or how else can one comprehend the blind support extended by all manner of intellectuals and rights organizations - with neither intellectual integrity nor political foresight – to such blatantly divisive and poisonous and essentially anti-democratic prattle?

January 8, 2012

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