Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Search of T Holy Grail

The Telangana separatists have been in absolute denial mode on Srikrishna Committee's findings. Though not entirely unexpected, the conclusion that the region indeed is on par with the other regions in almost all development aspects is a bitter pill to swallow for the die-hard T supporter.

We have not, however, seen much of a reaction to the Report's findings except for the occasional outburst by frustrated politicians. The entire machinery of TRS party and the large number of sympathizers, many among whom are 'leading intellectuals', are yet to come out with specific and significant lapses in the SKC Report that materially alters the findings.

Which does not mean that Telangana supporters are in any way getting reconciled to the results of the Report. They are not the sort who will easily give up.

As we are reading this, the counter to Srikrishna Report is being furiously prepared by T champions to 'nail the lies" of the government-sponsored report. The steering committee of JAC under the chairmanship of Prof Kodandaram already concluded that it was a 'bunch of lies'.

According ToI, a 15-page preliminary report will come out in a week, while a detailed report will be prepared for submission to PM in February. The stalwarts who will prepare the counter include Prof Revati, Dr Narasaiah, R Vidyasagar Rao, N Venugopal, C Vittal, Madabhushi Sridhar and Prof Chakrapani.

The counter will seek not only to puncture the findings of SKC with detailed evidence but also to expose how the Committee members were 'influenced' by political leaders and capitalists from Seemandhra regions!

The eagerness and urgency to find loopholes in SKC Report is understandable given that the findings have dealt a death blow to the 'underdeveloped, exploited' agenda unleashed on the unsuspecting people of Telangana for years now.

The development issue, indeed, has been the 'holy grail' of Telangana crusade. It's the umbilical cord to which the T baby is connected. No wonder, now there is fear that the baby may strangle with the cord.

But whether the esteemed gentlemen put together by Kodandaram are more qualified than the SKC members is a moot question. For record, the Srikrishna Committee members are some of the best brains in the country with impeccable credentials. And they have been helped by a host of government departments, agencies and institutions. But more importantly, they have been ably supported by academically strong consultants on various subjects.

These include Ravi Dhingra, a retired IAS officer, who had worked as Additional Secretary & Adviser, ISCS, Chief Secretary, Government of Himachal Pradesh; Shri S.D. Sharma, a retired IAS officer, who had worked as Additional Secretary & Adviser, ISCS; B.L.Joshi, a retired Senior Economist of National Council of Applied Economic Research; Dr. (Ms.) Ameeta Motwani, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi; V. Venkatesan, a retired Director of Ministry of Rural Development / Ministry of Power; and Ms. Pradeep Bolina, a retired Joint Secretary of Ministry of Women & Child Development.

These are only a few among scores of other experts in their respective fields who contributed significantly in the collection of the relevant material and compilation of the same for writing the various chapters of the Report.

It now falls upon the committed soldiers of Telangana to prove that all these responsible ladies and gentlemen have compromised their professional integrity and fudged figures to suit Seemandhra interests. Hope this time around, the wisemen of T will come out with some solid stuff, and not the usual skulduggery.

A typo here, an error there will not, as I said earlier, materially alter the conclusions.

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