Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Madhu Yashki's Mother of Leaks

Of course, every one with even a passing interest in the T movement knew it was coming. Why was it delayed so long after SKC Report is a matter of conjecture. Madhu Yashki Goud, the man for all Telangana seasons, said it finally: Sri Krishna Committee Panel members were paid money to give the report in favour of Seemandhra.

To quote ToI, the MP, who made his fortune in the US before returning to the greener political pastures in India, said, "I have specific information that money was given to some of the panel members and their sons and a portion of it was paid in Dubai".

Yashki should be praised for his boldness. In the cause of Telangana, he would not balk to level charges against a panel that is headed by a retired judge of impeccable integrity.

But as he himself declared, Yashki had 'specific information' on this issue, which involves the fate of 4 crore Telangana people. Why should he withhold such clinching evidence to blast the veracity of SKC report to smithereens?

If it's true that money changed hands in filing the report, then the Panel members should be exposed. More importantly, the Committee's findings on the backwardness of T must have been compromised and hence they should be rejected. The Report, to put it bluntly, should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Now, that is, if Yashki's accusations are true. The Telangana MP should now come out with all the juicy details of the pay-offs to members and their sons and daughters. Who are these members? Is it Duggal, Ranbir Singh, Ravinder Kaur or Abu Saleh Sharif? Or is Justice Krishna himself in the dock?

How much money was paid? What are the names of the sons and daughters who got paid for the services of their parents? What was the part that was paid in Dubai?

More importantly, who paid the money? Is is L Rajagopal, or K Sambasiva Rao? Were contributions collected from all Seemandhra politicians? If so, who make it to the list of conspirators?

If Madhu Yashki, who has 'specific information' of kickbacks, should come out with all the names (of members) and the numbers (amounts of money), then, it would be the mother of all leaks. The Yashki leaks would nail the united Andhra argument once and for all. And make the job of Telanganites for separate statehood easier.

It's in the interest of T that the second-time NRI MP, known for his competitive T politics, should divulge all information that he is privy to. Failing to reveal the scam in all its dirty details a.s.a.p. would make Yashki party to it.

Let Madhu Yashki not miss this golden opportunity to call the bluff of Srikrishna Committee, lest he should be construed as having been hand in glove with Seemandhra capitalists.

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  1. Some Yakshi must have blurted it out into our Yashki saab's ears.
    Greener pastures they are!!